Flight School Software Solutions


Building a foundation for business success through positive customer experience.

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Welcome to the future of flight training experience.

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Creating and building a safety culture.

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Managing assets to ensure efficiency and compliance.

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Flight School Management

Building a foundation for business success through positive customer experience.

Flight schools traditionally spend more time managing their business than growing their business. NeedleNine helps reduce the burden of flight school management by providing the tools to automate workflows and processes. Use your time maximizing efficiency, engaging your customers and securing success.

Client Records

Client profile includes certificate and documentation rentention meeting FAA and TSA requirements.

Role-Based Dashboard

Customized dashboard with relevant information specific to user profile and needs.

Administrative Reports

Detailed reports enabling Staff with data to run the operation like a business.

Smart Scheduling / Dispatch

Maximize scheduling efficiency through qualification tracking, asset management and calendar syncing.


Post events and manage RSVPs for seminars, networking events and workshops.

Customer Relationship Management

Enter and track client notes to collaborate and provide outstanding service.

QuickBooks Integrated

Automatically sync all items and invoices. (Requires 2018 QuickBooks Premier)


Enable Autopay to automatically charge client credit cards securely through Authorize.net.

Club Enrollment

Enable club feature for members to automatically apply discounted rates and monthly dues.

Flight Training School Client Management and Scheduling

Next Gen Training

Welcome to the future of flight training.

Train to proficiency, not check the box. The comprehensive NeedleNine learning management system includes proven training tools to modernize and accelerate the flight training process.

Next Gen Curriculum

Complete courses integrating scenario-based learning and Advanced Qualification Program (AQP) grading metrics. Customizable to specific school needs.

FAA Part 141 Approved

LMS platform and integrated courses meet all FAA electronic record-keeping requirements

Simulator Integration (coming soon)

Simulation-based mastery learning ensures efficient learning process as component of LMS platform.

Training Reports

Detailed progress reports to track student success and alert Staff of deficiencies.

Electronic Quizzes

Create and deliver pre-solo, stage and checkout quizzes. Remediate and record results in paperless training program.

Lesson Plans

Comprehensive lesson plans ensuring standardization, additional training resources and Threat & Error Management (TEM) principles.

Flight School Next Generation Training System

Safety Management

Creating and building a safety culture.

Collect and track safety reports to identify operational issues as key component of SMS program.

Safety Management for Flight Schools

Safety Reports

Collect, comment and track anonomous safety report submissions.

Safety Tracking

Track operational issues to identify trends and continuously improve through SMS program.


Dispatch process checks pilot qualifications, instructor and aircraft status in PAVE format.


Dashboard alerts notify staff of client or aircraft issues for proactive resolution.

Aircraft Management

Managing assets to ensure efficiency and compliance.

Discrepancy Notifications

Report and track 'Info Only' and 'Down Aircraft' discrepancies for clear aircraft status and regulatory compliance.

Scheduled Maintenance

Schedule aircraft maintenance with automatic client notifications and switching to other available aircraft.

Inspection Tracking

Create custom list of required and optional inspection items. Expired conditions prevent inadvertant aircraft use through dispatch process.

System for Managing Aircraft at Flight Schools

Aircraft Profiles

Create aircraft profiles including description, documentation and performance.

Automatic Billing

Invoices automatically generated based on school rates and hobbs/tach entries from dispatch process.

Maintenance Alerts

Alerts and reports of maintenance status for proactive planning and minimized downtime.

About Us

Our team is comprised of industry veterans with the experience, ability and vision to do things better. We recognize that general aviation and flight training has evolved but adequate tools have failed to keep pace. Through collaboration with industry partners, we provide the solution and help the entire industry join the 21st century.

Gordon Alvord - Flight Instrucror / ATP Pilot

Gordon Alvord

Gordon is a gold seal flight instructor and ATP pilot with 15,000+ hours experience. He also owns and operates one of the most successful flight schools in the country.

Amesh Mansukhani / Pilot

Amesh Mansukhani

Amesh is a pilot and tech industry veteran leading teams to develop and launch software solutions throughout the world.