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As a flight school owner and flight instructor, Gordon understands the challenges managing multiple systems for training, accounting, customer service and regulatory compliance. To scale his business it was imperative to develop efficient workflows using the right tools for staff to provide a fantastic customer experience. No market solutions filled this need so he partnered with tech industry veteran, Amesh, to create innovative solution to flight school challenges. Now, using the NeedleNine platform, Gordon owns one of the largest and most successful flight schools in the US comprised of 45+ aircraft over 3 locations. We now support other flight schools benefit through using NeedleNine to reduce costs while increasing revenue and deliver a superior experience.

To learn more about Gordon and his flight school journey, check out our blog.

Gordon Alvord - Flight Instructor / ATP Pilot

Gordon Alvord

Gordon is a gold seal flight instructor and airline captain with 20,000+ hours of training and flying experience. He holds an MBA certificate and is a flight schoool owner and consultant.

Amesh Mansukhani / Pilot

Amesh Mansukhani

Amesh is a pilot and tech industry veteran leading teams to develop and launch software solutions throughout the world.


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