Aircraft Management

Aircraft management in a flight school environment can be a complex and challenging task, involving the coordination of many different factors, including maintenance, scheduling, and regulatory compliance. Ensuring that everyone - mechanics, students, instructors, staff - has timely access to information about each aircraft in your fleet is critical to a successful flight school operation. NeedleNine's automated workflows and specially designed features make it easy.

Discrepancy Notifications

Report and track 'Info Only' and 'Down Aircraft' discrepancies for clear aircraft status and regulatory compliance.

Scheduled Maintenance

Schedule aircraft maintenance with automatic client notifications and switching to other available aircraft.

Inspection Tracking

Create custom list of required and optional inspection items. Expired conditions prevent inadvertant aircraft use through dispatch process.

System for Managing Aircraft at Flight Schools

Aircraft Profiles

Create aircraft profiles including description, documentation and performance.

Automatic Billing

Invoices automatically generated based on school rates and hobbs/tach entries from dispatch process.

Maintenance Alerts

Alerts and reports of maintenance status for proactive planning and minimized downtime.

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