Next Gen Training

Train to proficiency, not check a box. The comprehensive NeedleNine learning management system includes proven training tools to modernize and accelerate the flight training process.

Next Gen Curriculum

Complete courses integrating scenario-based learning and Advanced Qualification Program (AQP) grading metrics. Customizable to specific school needs.

FAA Part 141 Approved

LMS platform and integrated courses meet all FAA electronic record-keeping requirements

Simulator Integration (coming soon)

Simulation-based mastery learning ensures efficient learning process as component of LMS platform.

Training Reports

Detailed progress reports to track student success and alert Staff of deficiencies.

Electronic Quizzes

Create and deliver pre-solo, stage and checkout quizzes. Remediate and record results in paperless training program.

Lesson Plans

Comprehensive lesson plans ensuring standardization, additional training resources and Threat & Error Management (TEM) principles.

Flight School Next Generation Training System

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