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Our pricing model is simple, we don't charge flight school for the use the features. Instead, we add a small fee on each invoice that is passed to each successfully completed reservation.

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We are the most cost effective and comprehensive manage tool in the industry

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No limits on aircraft, instructors and users.

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Let our industry experts help you implement workflows to save money and time.

Change Management

Our Change Management Plan is proven to ensure a smooth transition from existing system.

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Advanced Flight Management Package


  •   Scheduling
  •   User Management
  •   Progress Tracking
  •   CRM
  •   Secure Data Storage
  •   Analytics Dashboard
  •   Training Insights
  •   Course Management
  •   Mobile App Access
  •   User-friendly Interface

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Changing Systems - Start Over

Does Changing Systems Seem Daunting?

Let us help you! For a flat fee we will set up NeedleNine with your users, aircraft and accounting to get running in days, not months. Use our proven Change Management Plan complete with email templates and timeline to ensure a smooth transition. Get your staff and clients excited to benefit from NeedleNine features today.


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