Efficient Scheduling Solution

Manage your flight school's schedule effortlessly with our advanced tools and features.

Say Goodbye to Tedious Schedule Management

Our flight school scheduling tool simplifies the process, saving you time and effort. Stay organized and efficiently manage your resources.


Quickly create, modify dispatch reservations through desktop and mobile devices.


Easily identify special reservations such as Checkrides, Discovery Flights and overdue aircraft.

Scheduling dispatch

Smart Scheduling System

Manage and optimize your flight school schedule with ease


Flexible Schedule

Easily create, edit, and assign schedules for instructors and students across one or more locations. Flight School operators can choose between student self-service or centralized schedule model.

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Schedule Management

Reduce Cancellations with Text Message Reminder

Text reminders have proven to reduce last minute cancelations by over 40%.

Multi-Location Support

Have Multiple location? No problem, we simplify schedules across multiple locations for a seamless customer experience.

Data driven insights


Data-driven Insights

Analyze scheduling data to improve efficiency and profitability

Ensure Compliance

Dispatch Validations

Automated checks are conducted to ensure instructor, aircraft and students meet compliance prior to dispatching a reservation.

Schedule Management

Easy to use Availability Finder

Reduce the time it takes to find an available slot by using our latest availability finder. Pick the aircraft, student & instructor and quickly find the next available open slot from your mobile device or desktop


Needlenine's scheduling system has revolutionized the way we manage our flight school. It's efficient, user-friendly, and has greatly improved our operations.

Bradley Donaldson

Brad Donaldson
Owner, Rainier Flight Service

Rainier Flight Service