Scheduling / Dispatch

Do your students struggle to identify overlapping openings in aircraft and instructor schedules? When they do get on the schedule, do they show up unprepared for lessons because they didn't know what to study? Do they feel like they waste time in the lobby proving their pilot certification requirements are met before every flight? NeedleNine presents a better way.

Ensure Compliance

Cross-reference aircraft and instructor permissions at every stage of reserving and dispatching the reservation, freeing your team to sell the pilot dream to every person who walks in your door.

Custom Filters

Quickly identify aircraft and instructors for scheduling training events, maximizing your students' training schedules.

Calendar Sync

Automatically syncs to your customer's personal calendars, and updates with reservation changes.

Availability Search

Easily find next available aircraft/instructor combination without scrolling through days.

Risk-Based Dispatch

Give your team information on potential risks with the pilot, aircraft and/or instructor, so they can be mitigated or communicated before the pilot even arrives.

Seamless Billing

Invoices automatically generate and sync with QuickBooks, letting you keep track of everyone's balance with ease.

Flight Training School Client Management and Scheduling

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