Training on Your Terms

Discover our comprehensive training capabilities designed to ensure compliance, improve efficiency and help deliver the best training experience possible.

Take Your Flight Training to the Next Level

Our Learning Management System offers integrated curriculum and record keeping designed to help you deliver standardized, quality training.

Simplified Progress Tracking

Instructors can grade and track the progress for each student to ensure compliance and transparency.

Actionable Student & Instructor Analytics

Gain insights on student and instructor performance to identify areas of improvement.

Online Training

Online Ground School Integration

We partner with the best online ground school providers and integrate progress for a comprehensive LMS.

Integrated Curriculum

Unlock ready-to-go courses or create your own custom curriculum for total control of your training content. Includes Training Course Outlines and Lesson Plans for Part 61 and 141 approval.

Progress Alerts

Receive automated notifications when students are falling behind so you can proactively identify and address training issues.

Lesson Grading

Grade lessons in minutes with enough detail to ensure complete progress transparency.

NeedleNine Curriculum

Additional Features

Credit Transfers

Chief Instructors can easily add Credit for Previous Training to any student enrollment.

FTSP Compliant

Flight Training Security Program requirements integrated in enrollment process to ensure TSA compliance.

External Reporting

Easily share training records and costs with partners such as college affiliates and financial lenders.